EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is an advanced psychotherapy model that combines psychology with physiology in a way that allows a person to identify and “clear” past traumatic events. These events can be as seemingly insignificant as a negative comment from a parent during childhood, or as catastrophic as a life-threatening event. Often undetected, we are blind to the fact that they are having an effect on our daily lives. Trauma, sometimes from decades ago continues to rule our life and block us from meaningful relationships. EMDR helps to digest the traumatic material and carry new and positive messages forward. I was trained in EMDR at the National Institute of Psychotherapy.

Most of us have trauma. Who among us has not had experiences that were so overwhelming they got trapped in our brain? They stay there, stuck, powerful, and slowly leaking negative thoughts and images into our present life. Many times images or trauma from childhood continue to haunt us to some degree in our present lives.

PTSD is recognized as a psychobiological mental disorder than can affect survivors not only of combat experience, but also terrorist attacks, natural disasters, serious accidents, assault or abuse, or even sudden and major emotional losses. I have experience working with many different types of trauma, including violence, sexual assault, sexual abuse, and accidents. Let's tackle your trauma and help set you free.

World Health Organization (2013).
Trauma-focused CBT and EMDR are the only psychotherapies recommended for children, adolescents and adults with PTSD.  “Like CBT with a trauma focus, EMDR aims to reduce subjective distress and strengthen adaptive cognitions related to the traumatic event.  Unlike CBT with a trauma focus, EMDR does not involve (a) detailed descriptions of the event, (b) direct challenging of beliefs, (c) extended exposure, or (d) homework.” (p. 1)



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