Opiate Addiction

“Noboby will laugh long who deals much with opium;

Its pleasures even are of a grave and solemn complexion.”

-Thomas de Quincey


If you are struggling with opiate addiction in Fairfield county, you are not alone.  Whether you are in Darien, Stamford, Greenwich, Norwalk, New Canaan, or Westport, opiates are accessible and abused. If you are actively using, on medication assisted treatment, or in recovery, I am here to help. Should you have a family member who is struggling you deserve support and help.

People love opiates because they thrust you into a dream and promise relief from the stresses of life, anxiety, and worry. Morphine was named after Morpheus, Greek god of dreams. What is most important to understand is that eventually, and inevitably, that dream becomes a nightmare. That nightmare only gets worse and seems impossible to escape. It is not. Yet very few do it alone.  Opiates tell your brain there is no help and that no one will understand or be able to help. This is a lie.

So who am I to be able to help?  I am a recovering opiate and heroin addict. I understand how alone with my best thinking I could not see my way out of the abyss. You need help and support outside of yourself. I will help through working to increase your motivation piece by piece, reminding you there was a life before opiates and there is a great life after. It is necessary to change those people, place, and things that are part of your addiction and replace them with supports and healthy outlets. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is used to help change the thinking that maintains and protects the addiction.We also use EMDR to treat your cravings and triggers. Perhaps most difficult, and most vital, is helping you to believe that a sober life will be remarkable. I am passionate about helping you to live your definition of recovery, not mine.

Recovery is a marathon, not a sprint. Recovery from opiates take time, courage, and perseverance. Allow me to join you on the journey up and out.

For more information and resources related to opiate addiction, take a look at this site:  https://www.hhs.gov/opioids/


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