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  • "Most things I worry about never happen anyway." Tom Petty
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"Most things I worry about never happen anyway." Tom Petty

Why do we spend an hour a day worrying about things that never occur? What's the point of running through 50 scenarios that "could" happen and then never do? but even when they don't happen we do it again. Worry is among the most negative characteristics that drain the most from our life force. Worry never seems to answer itself. We just keep going as long as we have the time.  According to merriam webster, worry is 

Definition of worry

 (Entry 1 of 2)

transitive verb

1dialectal British CHOKE, STRANGLE2ato harass by tearing, biting, or snapping especially at the throatbto shake or pull at with the teeth a terrier worrying a rat  cto touch or disturb something repeatedly dto change the position of or adjust by repeated pushing or hauling 3ato assail with rough or aggressive attack or treatment TORMENT bto subject to persistent or nagging attention or effort 4to afflict with mental distress or agitation make anxious 

What can we do about it?

Lets remember, some worry is healthy. We only survived as a species because we learned there are dangerous things in this world. The problem is in a world without saber toothed tigers we worry about what jack is thinking of us, or how people will judge our clothes, or if our son is going to struggle in his next grade. It becomes a lifestyle, perhaps our most modern habit. Unfortunately, the level of stimulus our minds receive aggravates our anxiety. So one suggestion, cut down your screen time. Turn your phone off for an hour at night and leave it off for an hour when you get up. Once your mind is agitated it becomes very difficult to reset it. If you can use your first hour settling down, having breakfast, doing a mindfulness exercise, meditation, or a quick walk before you begin reacting to the world. Some people think is a big deal or unrealistic. I believe the consequences of not doing it are far worse.

Make a list of the things you worry about. Often we are frantic about our thoughts and trying to run away from them, which just empowers them. Don't run. make a list and take some time to absorb and accept them. Usually you will become very clear that many of them are unrealistic or downright silly.

Talk to someone about them! There's a reason they say a problem shared is a problem halved. Our mind has blinders and frequently cannot see the silliness or unlikelihood of something we have convinced ourselves is going to happen. Run it by a friend, counselor, or colleague. 

Our days are difficult enough. Lets try to stay IN them.



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