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What are you waiting for?

Life goes fast, frighteningly fast. Why do we wait years to deal with problems? Why do we live our lives with a problem right in plain sight. At some point we are just bending our entire life to fit around our problem. Still we want to justify "its not so bad" or "everyone has problems." The ability to convince yourself that living in a negative or dysfunctional way is normal is perhaps the saddest thing I know. Never underestimate the power of denial. At a certain point, even with your hands over your eyes you just cant exist without being pushed around by your problems. Wouldn't it be nice to shake it off, address the problem, treat the addiction, treat the depression, go to marriage counseling, etc,? It certainly sounds like it should be, but most of us know its just not that easy. What I've observed is that often we are more scared of true success, or true happiness than remaining wrapped in our suffering. Because of course, after a long enough time that suffering is your home. You have decorated it, molded every piece, and how could you abandon that safety? What a risk to consider falling away from the darkness. How can you believe anything will be there to catch you? As someone who has enjoyed the free-fall of self-induced suffering I can say that letting go was the best thing I ever did. It just took 30 years too long. But now I see the days keep picking up speed, the years fold into each other, and I try not to keep my hands over my eyes.  What are you waiting for?



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